November 27, 2012

Fried Brain for Dinner

Today I was talking to my friend Kenra and she told me I should write in my blog again. Oh my blog…it has been awhile since I have written in you last. I am ashamed to admit that one of the reasons I don’t write in you anymore is because I do not like your current layout but do not have the time to fix it, so every time I open you up I just get discouraged because I want to make you look awesome, I just don’t have the time or the creative juices at the moment. Today I especially don’t have ANY creative juices. My brain is fried. Right after I wrote that sentence I titled this post “Fried Brain for Dinner” then it occurred to me that I haven’t had dinner, so I guess I really am eating my brain for dinner…but not really at the same time…example 1 of my friend brain: the run on sentence I just wrote. Example 2 of my friend brain: earlier today I was sitting in the Activities office doing homework, and then I took a short nap. When I woke up, I sat up and just sat there, on the couch, in the same position, for 20 minutes trying to decide whether to a. go to devotional b. listen to devo at home, or c. stay in the office and get more homework done. The only reason I came out of my brain fried trance is because my friend Kahli came over and said hi. If she hadn't come in I probably would have sat there for longgg after devo had ended. Example 3 of my fried brain: After my group meeting I came into the office to do more homework. I successfully did a whole assignment! On my Justin Bieber religion of course…don’t ask unless you want to hear a really long explanation…then I remembered that there was root beer float ingredients in the fridge. So I went and made myself a root beer float. Then probably 45 minutes later Lacey came in and went over to the ice cream and made herself an ice cream sundae. So what did I do? I made one too! And I put on so much chocolate and strawberry syrup that you could barely see the ice cream. Why did I do this you ask? My answer? I have no freaking idea…I blame the fried brain. Then we went and sat down and I was eating the ice cream and it tasted like cotton candy…no joke! I think it was the strawberry syrup…it was like cold chocolate cotton candy…ya there is a reason that is not a current ice cream flavor…so I was sitting there eating this gross ice cream and then it occurred to me… “Why am I eating this? I don’t even like it. It tastes weird and is not making my taste buds happy or my stomach for that matter.” Then I just kept eating it… Example 4 of my fried brain: me writing this blog post, knowing it probably sounds like I am a crazy person. Why would I ever publicly publish me sounding crazy? Well the only explanation I can think of is…MY BRAIN IS FRIED.
Note: I realized that saying my brain is fried may make people think that I am high on drugs or something. This would be a false assumption. I have never taken drugs and never plan on it. I say my brain is fried because I am sleep deprived, have had an emotional roller coaster of a day, have hard core senioritis, have had a migraine, and am feeling overwhelmed with finals looming over my shoulder like death or something. THAT my friends is why my brain is fried, not because I’m high on something other than life. 

March 25, 2012


SUN! What a beautiful thing!  Yesterday in the Burg it was sunny and in the 60’s. And I was in LOVE. In love with the sunshine that is, not a boy. Who needs boys? Yesterday was the day the inhabitants of Rexburg came out of hibernation. They slowly started to emerge in their t-shirts and shorts ready to soak up some Vitamin D. Lacey, Aub, and I went to the park and tossed around a baseball. I have to admit that I can throw better than I thought I could. Then Aub and I kicked around a soccer ball for a bit. While we were at the park we spotted the Kiwi Loco man on his bike and ran over to see what he was doing. He was giving out free Kiwi Loco (frozen yogurt). He said that the first person to bring over a kid would get a free yogurt for them and the kid. As soon as he said that Lacey yelled “Go get a kid!” So what did I do? I immediately ran to get (well politely ask of course, I’m not a creeper) one of the little boys playing football with his friends. Unfortunately some mom and her baby beat me back to the Kiwi man. But being the nice Kiwi Loco man he is he gave us all free yogurt anyway. Later that night me and the roomies went out for Thai food to celebrate Abby’s recent change in relationship status. (next month her and Kevin are tying the knot). Overall it was quite a WONDERFUL day! I swear I am a much happier person when it’s sunny outside.

P.S. I made a Pintrest account awhile ago, but I haven’t really done much with it, because I know if I start I’ll get addicted. I was right. Today I got back on and stayed on for an hour. There are so many cool DIY projects that I want to try. It makes me wish I had my own place to decorate! Someday, someday…

March 8, 2012

Hunger Games Love.

So I don't know about you but I CANNOT WAIT for the Hunger Games movie! I have already ordered my shirt and midnight premiere tickets. :) Needless to say I have had a lot of time on my hands lately. And with some of that time I made a Hunger Games countdown chain. It brought back happy memories of making Christmas countdown chains as a child :)

14 DAYS LEFT!!! 

March 7, 2012

Funny Little Things in Life.

So I bought this cute little notebook for a dollar at Porters today.

 I decided that so many random little things happen every day in my life that helps me appreciate the life I have been given.  Whether they are things I am grateful for or just funny little things that made me laugh.  I decided to write them down so that I can always look back on them and realize how blessed I truly am.

Here are today’s findings...

February 14, 2012


OH Valentine’s Day…I don’t even know how to describe you. I have never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day. I feel it is way too commercialized. If someone cares about me I would rather have them show it on a random day of the year then on a designated day.  I don’t want people to feel pressured into showing me they care….that defeats the point.  BUT I also know that many people LOVE this holiday and I don’t want you to think I am bashing you.  It’s just not MY favorite.

This is what I did on my V-day:
I got myself a public library card and stocked up on some good romantic novels! I’m so excited to read Matched! Busy Bee convinced me I couldn't live without it!
 Then I got some chocolates (no I didn’t buy them for myself!) and took a bite out of each one to find the caramels. Can you believe there was only ONE, ONE! caramel in the WHOLE box. SADDEST. DAY. EVER.  They should make a valentines box for caramel lovers! I mean come on, not everyone LOVES chocolate.

Also when I came home from work I found this cute little monkey on my bed. Apparently earlier a guy in our ward came by in a clown suit and made all of these for the single girls in the ward. What a nice guy!


Before work Chrissy (one of my roommates) and I may have been ranting about this particular day a bit, okay maybe me more so then her, and we had some interesting V-day related conversations on facebook…

This was my status: Sitting here eating chocolates and reading romance novels...Hello Valentines Day! Is it terrible that I'm happy that in the 20's there was a massacre on this day? Oh the irony!
Chrissy:S.A.D.! I just realized that Single Awareness Day spells S.A.D. and that is how we are both feeling...So glad that Al Capone and Bugs Moran got into a "conflict". YAY for the 7 dead gang members!!!
Ariel: YAY for St Valentines getting burned at the stake for heresy! And the fictional cupid who got punished by Zeus for sleeping with his wife!
Chrissy: And YAY for the other Saint Valentine who got his head chopped off and then was preserved in abbey...
Ariel: WHOA! Abby has a head inside of her....awk...
Chrissy: Abby spelled with an E!!!
Ariel :Oh ok good! whoo! I was afraid I was going to have to have an awk conversation with Kevin Reader....
Chrissy: don't think I'd want to be involved with that conversation!!! AWK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was Chrissy’s status: Oh Valentine's Day...You are a pointless holiday...
Ariel: S.A.D.
Ariel: A 'holiday' that makes pretty much everyone feel miserable, either because they're single, or have a 'significant other' who expects or demands to be showered with gifts and affection to make up for the other 364 days of the year that receive next to no attention. On the flip side, this 'holiday' has also become somewhat of a national make-up day that people use to 'make-up' for the other 364 days of the year that they aren't romantic and attentive to their relationships."
Chrissy: Agreed!
Chrissy: Though I don't know if it is an actual holiday...I mean people died. Why are we celebrating that?
Ariel: YAY! DEAD PEOPLE!!! YAY! YAY! YAY! I LOVE DEAD PEOPLE!!!!!...yeah it's not really very fun to celebrate...
Chrissy: ‎"My dad's a funeral director...I find death humorous!"
"What does your dad do Ariel?"
"He is in insurance..."
"That's not funny..."
Ariel:  Chrissy do you celebrate death with dead people?
Chrissy: Oh...Ariel, how well you know me. Why of course I celebrate death with dead people. How else would you celebrate death? You can't celebrate death with live people because then you would be celebrating life with alive people.
Ariel:! thanks for the clarification!
Chrissy: Of course. do you celebrate death?
Ariel: I eat pickles.  
Chrissy: ‎(Eunice) I wear black...
Ariel:  ‎*insert Eunice sounds* nuff said.
Chrissy: HAHAHHAHAHAH! Oh my lanta!

**P.S. we are talking about Eunice. THE EUNICE from She’s the Man. If you have seen the movie, you KNOW what we’re talking about!**

Well I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day, V-day, S.A.D., Single Awareness Day, or whatever you like to call it! I sure had an interesting one…..

February 13, 2012


Isn’t life funny? It never seems to do what you want it to do. It’s like dominoes. You set up a line of dominos in some intricate pattern and then before you’re ready to knock them down, someone sneaks up behind you and does it for you. AGH! Doesn’t the person realize you weren’t ready to move on yet!? You wanted to stare at the beautiful set up before you for a bit longer before you were ready to leave it behind.  Life it seems does the same darn thing! I guess the moral of the story life is trying to knock into my brain is that I need to enjoy every moment, be thankful for what I have, and be willing to accept change.  You know reading these words, makes it seem a lot easier than it actually is. Life is probably one of the greatest teachers I could ever have, but it is also by far the harshest one.  The only one more critical of me then life, is my own darn brain, but that is for another time and another post.

February 12, 2012

Living on a Plateau

I hate feeling like my life is just flat. I am the type of person that does not like doing nothing. I may think that I am, but after awhile I start to get antsy and feel like I’m doing squat with my life. That is how I feel right now. I mean ya my life is good and I have AMAZING people around me, but I feel like me, as a person, is lacking. I LOVE helping people and I think that when I’m not helping people I feel worthless. I think I strive on it. When I’m helping people I feel like my life means something. I feel like my life is moving forward. But right now I don’t feel like I’m progressing. I’m just a stagnant pool of water that bugs fly around and scum thrives on and where mosquitoes come to lay their eggs.  Ya…I want to be helping people! Today I have been in a kind of slump, well if we’re going to be honest; it’s been more like this whole week. Today I was reading my friends blog about her adventures volunteering at an all boys orphanage in Kenya.  Last fall she asked me if I wanted to go with her and I decided that I was finally going to fulfill my lifelong dream and go with her! Then a few months later I thought a lot about it and for some reason I just felt like I shouldn't go and that it’s just not what I was supposed to be doing right now.  Instead I felt like I should just come up to Rexburg and work on my off track. SO I did. And trust me I have been having a blast! But after reading her blog posts I just feel so worthless. I wish I was in Kenya  holding the little boys hands and cleaning up their puke when they were sick because they have no one else. To see the joy on those boys faces at the simplest things. To witness their kind hearts and strong wills. To see them embracing life despite the fact that both of their parents died of AIDS or some other ravaging disease. THAT my friends is what I want to live for! I want to help people and be there for them. To heck with this focusing on myself crap! I learn exponentially more about myself by forgetting myself and focusing on others then I ever do having “me” time. But yes this is how I am currently feeling. I just need to find something I can actively do to help others.
 P.S. Kenra is the best listener! Thanks so much Kenny! I really needed that tonight J